all the rainy days

by jake

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released April 30, 2015



all rights reserved


jake Sydney, Australia

take a seat, all is well

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Track Name: desire (current joys cover)
i diddt asked to leave your arms
im sorry
i diddnt know that it would take so long
its been a while she said since ive known what was in your head
it doesnt matter if i sleep at night
dont worry
you know that nothings going to be alright
its been a crying shame i dont know if ill see you again
oh the fire burns out so fast
theres no desire that will desire that will ever end
so ill run away and ill leave you to burn in the flames
Track Name: sad 001
take me out tonight
let me feel alive
when im with you
i feel the world on my side
let me go just for tonight
let me go and open up my eyes
stuck inside this room
ive lost my sight
left without a home i cant choose a side
Track Name: sad 002
last night i saw you in my room
its really not possible
but you where right there
i cried myself to sleep last night again
i miss you
im sorry i wast there enough
last night i walked myself to your house
im sorry again
its only been a few months since youve been gone
but i swear to god its felt so fucking long
and all of a sudden now everythings gone wrong
Track Name: hey cool girl
Track Name: mum wen can i go on mtv
I used to love you
you still love me
im so sorry
im sorry you feel like this
I know it must be hard
its really hard for me
cos you where all I knew
and now we don't talk
it doesn't seem
like I care at all
and its fine
that you think I don't care
but I do
its just now that im free